Jimmy Chacha & Summer
15 Dec 2019
The Proposal

About Jimmy

I am an artist at heart a lover at sight and a dreamer at night. I was born in Granada Hills CA. I went to middle and high school with chacha. Later on we both met Summer and Fell in love with her. We have started a journey to to start a family and this is our story.


About Chacha

Hello my name is ChaChaVaVoom born and raised in California I started 420Nurses® company by women. It all started in middle school meeting Jimmy for the first time. In fell in love with him after high school in 2008, three years later I fell in love with summer and we’ve been inseparable since.


About Summer

Summer rain is my real name. I love love. I’m grateful to have two fiancées, soon to be my husband and my wife. They say “Happiness is only real when shared,” and I have to say I have become really good at sharing.